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Headquartered in Southern California, we provide affordable litigation support services to trial attorneys, specializing in videotaped depositions, video clips for presentation at trial, focus groups, mock trials and witness preparation.

We stand out in the legal profession because there is no full-service competition. While there are many court reporter firms that provide videotaped deposition services, and there are a few firms that provide expensive mock trials, there is no firm that combines these litigation support services in one firm and at a lower cost.

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El Segundo, CA 90245

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We record depositions using the latest digital equipment. We believe it is essential to videotape all depositions during the preparation of a case for trial. 

mock trials

Mock trials are seldom used by legal professionals. We facilitate the entire experience, from providing the location and participants to monitoring the discussion and analyzing the results provided by the participants.


We provide trial presentation services using the best industry software and digital equipment. We assist your team with preparing video clips, documents, equipment, and text synchronized deposition video for your next trial.